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This was Baggio’s last season as a footballer after a 22-year career and the 36-year-old led Brescia to 11th in Serie A, scoring 12 goals in 26 games. Argentina, led by indomitable striker Gabriel Batistuta, boasted a smart kit with strong black color featuring the Adidas three stripes. Froome has won it four times and Bobet, Philippe Thys and Greg LeMond have each won the race three times. Last year, Pogacar won the 10th-closest race of all time when he beat fellow Slovenian Primoz Roglic by just 59 seconds. Much like Maldini, Kappa’s first Italy kits were superb in their simplicity, yet stunningly beautiful at the same time. Italy know how to do it right, so much so that we’ve put them on this list twice. 5 Navy 2018 World Cup Champions Home Jersey is a wise choice to put your devoted team pride on full display while you watching the exciting game. The away jersey consists of white, navy blue, and hints of red to portray the France national flag. Finally, we have World Cup winner France. United didn’t have things all their own way in this uniform; they lost the 1994-95 Premier League title to Blackburn and Cantona was banned for eight months for kicking a fan, but at least that all played out in this Umbro classic.

It’s a tradition in Italian football that when you’ve won your 10th Serie A title you get to have a golden star on your jersey. When could you look at the teams on the pitch and say, “now that is a proper football jersey.” Was there ever such a time, or will the best jerseys always be from when we were 12? “We are a strong group, there is a good mixture of young players and veterans, I don’t really care about the generation gap. The mixture of light blue and white is really tidy, and the blue steel here from Scott McTominay really seals the deal. The mixture of that really light red. You can’t beat a good red jersey. But this one, with its black band across the chest, was so good they recommissioned this season to mark the club’s 120th anniversary. Giant black C of Die Continentale — somehow making a German insurance company cool. The Mexican side boldly went with the sponsor above their own badge, with both neatly sat in a giant blue triangle with red trim on a yellow shirt. Shortly after Santos were founded in 1912 their owners decided to change the club’s colours from white, azure blue and golden lemon to a simpler white with black trim.

The black collar and gold trim combo is perfect, as is that big ITALIA logo and those four golden stars above it. An overall clean and traditional look, the France 2019 Centenary kit has a polo collar with trim in the colors of the flag as well as a special 100 Year logo. Other countries worthy of mention: South Korea, the Netherlands and Brazil all donned well put together kits from Nike. They’ve replaced it with another excellent jersey but the decision to put text on the front – which has only recently been allowed by FIFA – will be divisive to some. They’ve had to help their dying clients make unimaginable choices between risking virus exposure and spending their last days alone. Utilizing as many geographic motifs as possible, each kit also features a bird that contains the spirit of each country. The home kit was classic white with dark red trim, but the away strip, in “dark red crush” as Nike dubbed it, featured an interwoven design with flora from across the country. Released in January 2018, Nike dubbed the kit a “subtle homage to Nigeria’s ’94 shirt.” It was an instant hit with 3 million people preordering it.

With each kit released for the 2020-21 season, I find myself shaking my head; it has become abundantly clear that kit designers have simply run out of ideas. On top of the color’s, the newly designed kit is optimized for athlete performance through the use of innovative knit fabric. The Manchester City third shirt is eerily familiar to that one fabric your mom keeps with her arts and crafts equipment but never uses. While American manufacturer have pumped out a lot of awful kits for the tournament (more on that later), this smart one for Finland’s first-ever major tournament is right at the top of the charts. The only kit in the ranking that is more famous for being in a music video than worn on the pitch. America’s rival to the south, Mexico, went in the complete opposite direction, wearing a kit featuring the Aztecan calendar; a progressive template that seemingly shouldn’t work, it ended up being one of the kits of the tournament. All the disappointment surrounding the latest batch of Premier League kits has me wondering, what was the best year for football kits? All worthy kits but just missed the cut. Any Milan kit of this period, when Italy’s Serie A was the envy of the world, would be a worthy entry but this away kit gets the nod for its simplicity and its understated sponsor text and logos.

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